Opera News Praises PORTopera’s
production of The Daughter of the Regiment

Daughter of the Regiment

Joining the chorus of “Bravos” for PORTopera’s production of the Donizetti opera this past July is perhaps the most prestigious publication in the opera world, “Opera News.” A full review by Judith Malafronte appeared in the November issue, just released. The review praised the company’s “performance filled with buoyancy and charm,”citing in particular PORTopera’s Artistic Director Dona D. Vaughn’s talent for directing “people, not props” and creating “a world of affection and sincerity (with) totally believable characters.”

Conductor Steven Lord was also praised for having “brought a light touch, but a colorist’s ear to the score. Tempos were perfect, yet phrasing was flexible, and the orchestra sounded both plush and transparent.”

The singers were all complimented, with special praise for Ashley Emerson in the title role– “The evening belonged to Emerson, and the consistency of her musical energy, immaculate technique and physical grace made the role of Marie seem much easier than it is.”



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