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Cucina del Bel Canto

Announcing the long awaited arrival of
Cucina del Bel Canto, PORTopera’s first cookbook!

Opera Cookbook Cucina del Bel Canto

Cucina del Bel Canto features 500 plus recipes, glorious Martha Mickles photos featuring scenes from prior PORTopera productions and a stunning cover which will add pizzazz to any table in the house.

The book has a built-in easel which allows the cook to easily read the recipe in an upright position. The recipes, ranging from quirky to haute cuisine, were submitted by dozens of food-loving, generous opera fans and singers alike, and were gathered and organized by a hard-working committee: John, Elizabeth, and Christine Serrage; Susan Blackburn; Nancy Farrand; Louise Sullivan; Karin McIlvaine; Stephen Ruffin; Candice Thornton Lee; Joseph Pirkola; Bonnie Riddle; Patricia O’Connor; Eve Roesler and Angela LeBlanc. 

Cucina del Bel Canto has been generously underwritten by the Oscar Pluznick Foundation and Selma Pluznick, a PORTopera Board Member. We are deeply appreciative of their support.

The book retails for $24.95 plus tax and will enhance any cookbook collection. Only 500 books are being printed and we are certain that the first edition will quickly become a collector’s item. Plans are already being made for Volume II.  So step right up, polish your whisk, and place your order for your very first copy of Cucina del Bel Canto.

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