PORTopera Newsletter

March 15, 2010

PORTopera has a new President

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Ann Elderkin succeeds Don Head as President of PORTopera Past and Present:
Ann Elderkin succeeds Don Head as President of PORTopera

Ann Elderkin, a PORTopera board member and a former member of the PORTopera Chorus, was elected President at the company's March 8th board meeting. Ann succeeds Don Head, who has served as President for the past six years. Ann takes office at a crucial time in the company's 16 year history. This past fall, the company received a $100,000 Challenge grant, prompting the development of an ambitious three year plan. The plan's major goals include expanding the summer opera festival, adding opera-related performances and educational activities, establishing a PORTopera Guild, increasing the size of the board, and completion of the Challenge. Don Head will continue to serve on the board.

Ann is the Executive Director of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research based in Washington, D.C. Her husband, Jim Bucknam, is also a PORTopera board member and a member of the Choral Art Society Chorus as well as a long time participant in the PORTopera Chorus. The couple resides in Cape Elizabeth.

HD: a highly definitive way to attend opera

Rosenkavalier Rosenkavalier

If you are an opera lover, you live in the best of times. Not only do you have the energetic and highly regarded productions of PORTopera to attend, you can witness live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera in high definition TV at movie theaters, and you can experience, in various venues, live performances in HD video of productions from leading opera houses in Europe. So opera is exclusively for the elite few? If that were ever true, it is no longer. The number of attendees to these new media options is now in the millions. Thus not only existing opera devotees are served, but more importantly new opera goers are being created in vast numbers.

Many PORTopera patrons frequent these showings. The opportunities in Maine are several. The Regal Theater in Brunswick offers all of the Met broadcasts, 9 of them this year, as does the Strand in Rockland. The Frontier Cafe also in Brunswick offers the European performances as does the Nickelodeon in Portland. All venues have surround-sound. The Met broadcasts also have fascinating features during intermissions which include interviews with the artists as they literally walk off the stage. The Frontier also has a well-developed cafe to entice you during intermissions and offers an intimate theater space for 50 or 60 people. The Nickelodeon is centrally located in downtown Portland. Additional venues in both categories will be available in the near future. Visit these websites for more info: